Multi-media R&D

Smart City

Zhongtai Lianguang has developed smart city experience center, cloud computing experience center, planning hall, science and technology hall and other comprehensive digital applications with 3D virtual technology. It focuses on the three key areas of building a smart city: interconnection, comprehensive application of technology and sustainability, as well as the five core functions of a city: economy and industry, municipal management, infrastructure, environment and resources, society and people’s livelihood, so as to provide a comprehensive solution to smart city for city managers.

City Operation and Maintenance Management Center

Smart government affairs/safe city/smart transportation/smart enterprise/smart medical treatment/smart education/smart tourism/smart park

Smart city sharing platform & public application support platform

Cloud data center/mass data analysis/basic database/basic database/ESB/BYOD/ unified communications/intelligent conference /VS/IPCC

Ubiquitous links

Communication Network (LTE)/ Internet of Things/Internet/Sensing Equipment/Intelligent Terminal/RFID Reader/Sensor/ Video Capture Equipment


Creative design

Zhongtai Lianguang provides an overall solution based on the planning, creativity, research and development and implementation of interactive technology products for exhibition and demonstration. Creative design includes industrial design, architectural design, spatial design, graphic design, personal creative design, etc.