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People with responsibility

We have to face all kinds of problems in our work and life every day. We should be responsible for the company and ourselves. Even when you leave the company one day, this belief will be the most valuable thing that comes with you.

People with competency

We are not perfect. There are some problems, big or small, that haven't been solved yet. Perhaps we even haven't found them. We hope that you will solve even one problem for us. This not only helps the company make progress but also trains yourself. Only by making continuous improvement can we make development, right?

People with love for work and our team

Everyone has dreams in childhood. Maybe those dreams have not yet come true. Now the only thing we can do is insist on our current choice. Only by insisting on our choice can we get closer and closer to success. Let's make progress together for the company and ourselves.

If you are interested, please send your resume and works to Beijing Zhongtai lianguang exhibition service co., LTD.

Company name

Beijing Zhongtai Lianguang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd




  • Floor 15, Unit 1, Building No. 9, Caiman Street, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Zhongtai Lianguang will be better if you join us!

Design director— annual salary RMB 600,000
Project manager—annual salary RMB 500,000
Director for visual effect—annual salary RMB 500,000
Office chief of PMO—annual salary RMB 400,000
AI development---- annual salary RMB 1 million