China's most experienced implementation team of exhibition hall project

The New Media Exhibition Space Design Center, one of the three core business clusters of Zhongtai Lianguang, has integrated functions of the planning, design and construction of exhibition hall and exhibition. It is a member of the China Exhibition Hall Association and owns a number of technical patents and software copyrights.

Wide international reputation

It has successively become the design service provider for international projects such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, providing exhibition and presentation creativity, digital content and other services, winning many international awards.

Development concepts: highlight design and make general contracting for all aspects

Design Team: The design team is led by professor Phoenix Fisher, a top international media artist. The main designers have professional background in space design, thus ensuring the specialty and creativity of exhibition hall design.

Design style: international-leading and cutting-edge design concept

The international-leading design concept focuses on the integration of architectural space and exhibition theme without over-emphasizing the use of high-grade materials. Instead, it aims to achieve all kinds of effects in an artist, scientific and professional way.

Business scope

Planning hall, museum, Science and Technology Museum, enterprise hall, digital multimedia hall, sales hall, multimedia display design, exhibition hall CI design, graphic design of publications and brochures, integrated operation of professional media


Win-win outcome

Loved and trusted by clients


Intelligent exhibition hall

Creating “Cloud” digital exhibition hall, China's fourth generation intelligent exhibition hall


Contents of online exhibition hallabout


Vivid exhibition items/exhibits

We provide appearance experience and background information of exhibition items/exhibits, elaborate on the theme of exhibition hall, and provide a variety of means for you to experience, including audio, video, picture, text, VR. Besides, you will appreciate more in-depth contents that cannot be exhibited due to limited exhibition means in a physical exhibition hall

Humanized interactive interface

We provide humanized interactive interface with superior visual effect and easy-to-operate design so that you will enjoy more natural experience in exhibition hall. We provide humanized navigation system in the hall in which multi-level navigation bar indicates the content of exhibition and the built-in map shows you the layout of the exhibition hall, your current location and displays viewer's viewing direction so that you will be clear about where you are and where you are heading in the complicated hall. The digital tour guide provides a comprehensive introduction to exhibition hall and exhibition so that you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the exhibition hall and exhibition area.

Rich extension contents

The comprehensive column serves as a complement to the in-depth analysis of the theme of the exhibition hall. Exciting interactive game integrates education with fun.


Energy-saving exhibition hall

Low carbon, low energy consumption and long service life

Multifunctional exhibition hall

The 4th Generation Multifunctional Exhibition features one-click intelligent switching of exhibition theme "Advanced Customization" for targeted visitors of exhibition hall

 "Advanced Customization" for targeted
 Visiting model for experts and investors
 Visiting model for citizens
 Business model for press conference
 Visiting model for leaders
 Model for product experience